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Summer at Microsoft: A brief learnings post

7 minute read



As Summer holiday’s come to an end and school start date creeps closer, I thought it would be a good idea to reminisces on my 3-month summer internship at Yammer, Microsoft. This might possibly be my last internship per se and I wanted to do it justice with a proper blog post.


Predictive Threat Intelligence (Final Year B.Tech Project)

8 minute read


First snow at CMU

Big data analytics solutions, backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence, can help tackle the problems of cybersecurity breach and hacking. By employing the power of big data and machine learning, we can significantly improve cyber threat detection mechanisms. Predictive Threat Intelligence is one of the emerging focus of information security. In short, Predictive Threat Intelligence is based on understanding attacker behaviour and attack pattern to better predict his/her future actions. The foresight of attackers next actions, intentions and targets can help industries and organizations to take better precautionary decisions beforehand. Moreover, the foresight can expose major vulnerabilities or leaks in the existing system. This will help the industries and organizations fix unauthorized access points in their system before they can be used for intrusion.



Elegant Notes App (Android)

3 minute read


What was the motivation behind it?

In my junior year of engineering, I wanted to make a scalable product that people would love to use. I also had a secondary motive of obtaining some side cash from it (This kind of idea had provided me side cash in high school by creating software tutorials on YouTube). Knowing myself, it didn’t surprise me when I choose to build a software application, specifically an Android Application. The aim of the project was three-fold:

  1. I wanted an application that satisfied my unique specifications in functionality as well as design
  2. Visualising is the first step in expressing your ideas. By knowing how to make an android application I would be quickly able to present my ideas in a comprehendible manner to a general public
  3. Around that time I had deviated from C++ to Java and wanted something concrete (even if it is basic) to get deeper into Java