My third semester at CMU

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I am writing this sitting in my apartment watching the continuous pouring rain in Redmond and reflecting over the past year. I finished my third (last) semester at CMU on 18th December. It was a busy semester, and a lot happened during and after it. During last semester, I did three courses, was a Research Assitant (RA) which resulted in 2 full-length papers (under review), applied to PhD programs, presented my work at MIT CSAIL and graduated with a masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from CMU.


Last semester, I ended up doing three courses (36 units). I took courses which will help me with my current research direction. They are 11-777 MultiModal Machine Learning by LP Morency, 10-725 Convex Optimisation by Yuanzhi Li, 18-781 Speech recognition and Understanding by Ian Lane. The courses have detailed websites, so I will not be going into their details here. Overall, I enjoyed all three courses. However, I learned a lot of theoretical and practical insights from the Convex optimisation course.


This semester I continued the work on COVID-19 detection from speech advised by professor Rita. This semester we focused on the modelling efforts on the clinical speech data we received till now. The developed method estimates vocal fold oscillation parameters directly from voice and uses it for COVID-19 detection. The method is extendable for detection of any upper respiratory pathologies. The two manuscripts of the proposed methods are under review at ICASSP 2021 and available online here and here.


In this semester, I started a reading list for weakly supervised learning for SED. The reading list will be kept up to date to the latest research in the field. I also presented my recent research work in the talk titled ‘weakly and semi-supervised learning and its application speech and audio’ at Spoken Language Systems Group (SLS), MIT CSAIL.

More importantly, I graduated in December 2020 with masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from CMU (yay!). The graduation lacked its celebratory vibe. However amidst the pandemic its the least of our concerns or priorities.

I will keep this update brief and maybe add details later when I have time.

Attaching some photos below:

Snow outside my house in Pittsburgh

Random outing night shot

Heavy snowing